Culpeper Middle School’s Amaree Robinson scored a game-high 30 points to lead the Cougars to a 48-35 victory over the Blackhawks.

With basketball season underway, the Floyd T. Binns Blackhawks hosted the Culpeper Middle school Cougars in the first of two always-anticipated crosstown rivalry games on Tuesday afternoon.

Amaree Robinson had all the answers for the Cougars, scoring a game-high 30 points to lead them to a 48-35 road victory.

“It means a lot to beat [Binns] because they usually beat us in the first game,” Robinson said. “Being able to score 30 points and get a win feels really good.”

CMS has a new look on its bench, where Bobby Zajkowski has assumed the head coaching position after serving as an assistant last year.

“Our boys listened and executed what we do in practice every day,” Zajkowski said. “Every single one of them came through, both the ones who touched the floor and the ones that didn’t. They all contributed to this win. It’s a great rivalry and we can’t wait to see [Binns] later in the year.”

The Blackhawks battled early on, as D’myo Hunter and Jayce Clancey each knocked down 3-pointers to cut the Cougars’ lead to 22-18 going into halftime.

Hunter connected on another trey in the third quarter to pull Binns within a point of CMS, but Robinson had the answer for the visitors. He scored 13 of his points in the final frame to seal the victory for the Cougars.

“Amaree is a true baller,” Zajkowski said. “His head is right, he listens, he comes from a good family, and he just loves to play basketball. He’s a monster out there and he’s still growing and getting better. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for him.”

Hunter, Clancey, and Frank Sieca-Bey finished with 11 points apiece to lead the Blackhawks.

“Tonight was a learning experience,” Binns head coach Greg Ward said. “I’m disappointed with our defense, but we’ll work on it. Congratulations to CMS, but we have a lot to take care of.”

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