John Carr of Winchester enters his polling place.

In Virginia, we have elections every year, but the 2019 election cycle is über-local.

Top of the ticket are the state senators. The Republican party is bringing forward three incumbents for state Senate: Bryce Reeves, Emmet Hanger and Jill Vogel. Depending on where you live you will be able to vote for one of the three.

For the Virginia House of Delegates, Republicans are putting forward Del. Michael Webert, who will be on the ballot, and Del. Nick Freitas, who will need to be written in. Though Nick’s last name is a little challenging, don’t fret, the Republican party will be on hand at every polling location with a sample ballot you can take into the polls with you to help write his name correctly.

Everyone in Culpeper County will have the opportunity to vote for candidates running for sheriff, commonwealth’s attorney and treasurer. Culpeper Republicans have chosen incumbents Scott Jenkins for sheriff and Paul Walther for commonwealth’s attorney, and Missy White for treasurer, as our candidates.

The sheriff’s race is going to be the one to watch. There is a lot at stake. Jenkins has been committed to working with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. He has made it a priority to make sure every criminal illegal alien in the county jail is flagged in case ICE decides to deport them. His work on the Immigration and Nationality Act’s Section 287(g) program is working to make us safer.

Some seats on the Culpeper County Board of Supervisors are also on the ballot this year. Depending on where you live, Republicans have put forward three nominees.

Nate Clancy, now on the Culpeper School Board, is running for the supervisors’ Catalpa District seat. Tom Underwood, who formerly represented the supervisors’ Salem District, is running for that seat again, and Ben Phillips, a former Culpeper town councilman, is running for the East Fairfax District seat. All three of these men have a history of public service.

These posts are vitally important and may determine whether Culpeper County becomes overrun by taxpayer-subsidized, out-of-state, industrial solar companies. The business leaders of those solar companies are watching these elections very carefully.

Culpeper Republicans have also endorsed one candidate for Town Council: Keith Brown. Keith is a probation officer and former state trooper and coach. The town is going to need to fix our water system soon, and something needs to be done about our residents getting hit with two personal-property tax bills. Keith is committed to working on both those issues.

There are also some notable independent candidates running for office, such as Terry Yowell for commissioner of revenue, Gary Deal for the supervisors’ West Farifax District seat, and Crissy Burnett for the School Board’s West Fairfax District seat. Chrissy brings more than a decade of experience working in and with the school district for the betterment of our children. She is a team player, and has no agenda other than to faithfully serve our community.

It cannot be emphasized enough that this year’s election will be important for President Trump in 2020.

Culpeper is a Republican county, and the people who hold our elected offices should reflect the Republican values of the county. President Trump won Culpeper County in 2016, but we must have a bigger base to increase his numbers to help surpass Northern Virginia next year.

Jon Russell is serving his second term on the Culpeper Town Council, and chairs the Culpeper County Republican Committee. His columns represent his personal views.

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David Reuther

Jon Russell ’s introduction of candidates who will hold the Republican line, including those who will run for positions reserved for independents, is helpful. His hope is to have strong partisans throughout the county and city governments. In supporting Sheriff Jenkins, for example, he suggests the sheriff’s cooperation with ICE makes us safer. I disagree. The president has labeled Hispanics rapists, murderers, and gang members. The conservative media can’t say enough negative about Hispanics. ICE seems to have run out of rapists and has deported members of the U.S. military; or American citizens of Hispanic heritage. The sheriff of Norfolk has dropped the 287(g) program because he believes it interferes with communications between the community and public safety officials. The wife of a prominent Culpeper business owner, who has been here for decades and long contributed to our community, has an ICE bracelet and may be deported shortly. Her deportation doesn’t make me feel safer. It makes me feel embarrassed. It also underscored that no person of Hispanic heritage is immune from having their life disrupted. The African-American community will understand this point.

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