The Democratic Party is splintering before our very eyes and no one in the liberal media will report on it.

Oh, they have reported on the demise of the Republican Party for years, especially during the eight years of the Obama presidency. Now, several admitted socialist candidates have won their Democratic primaries and are considered shoo-ins to be elected to Congress.

The chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Tom Perez, even called one candidate “the future of our party.” Democratic leaders such as Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have tried to walk back those comments and convince people that their party is not turning to socialism.

Even Maxine Waters, that liberal bastion of common sense, has tried to downplay the significance of these socialistic candidates. But don’t be fooled by any of this. The Democrats have been becoming more and more socialist for decades; they have just been good at hiding it.

The new generation of candidates in the Democratic Party isn’t afraid to say it, run on it, or enact it once they are in Congress.

Their platform, in part, is to offer as much free stuff as they can. Free health care, free college tuition, free citizenship and free housing.

When asked how all this free stuff is going to be paid for, they either dodge the question or say that they will raise taxes. They are not afraid to provide an unpopular answer; they have no one running against them.

They reject the notion that America will become like Venezuela, where inflation could hit the one million percent mark by the end of the year. They also cannot provide an answer when asked to list countries where socialism has worked and is popular with its citizens. Who in their right mind votes for these people?

Not me.

Scott Karhan


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