Culpeper County voters will have an important decision to make in the Nov. 5th election as our current treasurer, David DeJarnette, is retiring.

As a former Culpeper County treasurer, I take a special interest in this position. That’s why I am endorsing Missy Norris White.

Missy has all the qualifications to be our next treasurer. She has the educational background, having a bachelor of science degree in business, with a concentration in accounting from the University of Mary Washington. She has constitutional-office experience in her current position as chief administrative and financial officer of the Culpeper County Sheriff’s Office.

All of her current duties and her positive working relationship with the county administration and its Finance Department will transfer well to the Treasurer’s Office.

She has strong collections experience, a much-needed ability, having performed this function for a large corporation. Equally important is her knowledge of and her lifelong involvement in the Culpeper community.

Missy is the ideal candidate for the important position of treasurer.

I ask that you join me in voting for Missy Norris White to be our next Culpeper County treasurer.

W. Stephen Southard


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W. Stephen Southard retired in 2005 as Culpeper County’s treasurer.

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Tom Guthrie

When did Southard get to know Missy so well? He bailed out on the County 14 years ago and best I can tell they never worked together

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