As a longtime, fairly involved resident of Culpeper and the wife of a deceased veteran, true community service is extremely important to me.

It amazes me when candidates claim years of volunteerism and community involvement, yet I have never seen or heard of them.

Denise Whetzel, a candidate for treasurer, is not only a committed volunteer, she comes from a long line of volunteers.

Denise has spent many, many years volunteering in our community as a member of the hundred-hour club with Second Bank & Trust. She has a long history of attending local civic and volunteer fundraising efforts, baking desserts for local volunteer fire and rescue departments, organizing fundraising efforts for local families in need, and contributing to local civic and volunteer efforts.

For Denise, volunteerism is not about taking selfies of every breath she takes and posting them on Facebook. It’s about honest, dedicated commitment to serving our community.

She would never even consider misleading you with photo-op posing, trying to stake claim for someone else’s labors, or taking credit for something simply to get a vote.

Volunteerism is about community, not about self!

Take a good hard look at candidates touting experience, and ask yourself, “in what?”

Take a good hard look at convenient party candidates. Did they become party members right before the filing deadline? Where were some of these people, and what did these people do for us before they decided to run for election?

I certainly hope that none of the candidates and campaign-sign erectors are getting paid by our tax dollars while they are out campaigning.

On Nov. 5, vote for real, honest, hardworking public servants. We do not need selfie addicts handling our money.

Vote for Denise Whetzel as Culpeper County treasurer.

Carrie S. Harris


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