I recently experienced an example of why living in Culpeper is so rewarding and joyful, confirming the outstanding quality of the people we encounter every day.

I was having lunch at Frost Diner last week with a friend of mine. All good!

My friend's money clip slipped out of his pocket during the course of our meal. Obviously, he had no idea. He left, but I stayed and visited with a couple other diners.

While I was still there, Stephanie R. Stuart approached me with the money clip she had found in the cushion of the booth where my friend had been sitting and asked me if I could contact him and return the money clip to him. I called him and he returned promptly and claimed the clip and the money.

Stephanie was surprised, as I made a big deal of her honesty and integrity.

She considered this display as ordinary, and what any responsible person would do. And, her returning the money without any expectation of reward is part of her character. I assured her that I thought she was extraordinary, and that her behavior was admirable on every level.

This honorable behavior is the norm for her. And for that I will be appreciative to her forever.

Culpeper is a village of good people. Stephanie confirmed this for me in her actions and attitude.

Joe Daniel


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