The special session called for by Gov. Ralph Northam is no more than a sham attempting to save his political career.

An expression of real common sense would be to enforce the laws already on the books. Universal background checks are already being pushed by many legislatures and private groups. It is probably the only measure that will reduce gun violence. True assault weapons are already controlled and regulated by the ATF. Bump stocks are already banned by the ATF and have only been used in one mass shooting.

All the other proposals only harm law-abiding citizens. Their implementation simply helps communistic goals to disarm this country. Most legal gun owners would most likely risk their lives to defend this country and protect politicians, law enforcement personnel, and others given the chance, regardless of their opinion of that person or group.

If Virginia politicians who favor gun control truly wanted to improve public safety, they would look at all the memorials along Virginia roads and highways. None of these deaths were the result of gun violence. Traffic fatalities and injuries outnumber gun injuries by the millions. A good politician puts his/her efforts where they do the most good.

Jim Verrocchio


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