While we’ve all been hunkered down, we’ve watched the Trump administration veer from one disaster to another.

But let’s focus on one of President Donald Trump’s most dangerous disasters, from my perspective—North Korea.

Trump, the leader of the most powerful nation in the world, went halfway around the world to meet with dictator Kim Jong-un. For Trump, a TV performer, this appeared to be just theater. I see no concrete benefits for the U.S. or its allies. Kim seemed to play Trump like a violin.

So what did we get? Nothing. Because of Trump’s visits, it appears China, Russia and other nations feel free to ignore U.S. sanctions on North Korea. Recently news stations have reported that Kim Jong-un is improving his weapons systems across the board.

Are we and our allies better off? Not in my opinion. Thanks, Donald Trump.

Lawrence Giesting


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Michael McLamara

The implementation by North Korea of increased weapons testing and trading with Russia, China and Iran when measured against the lack of American concern is very serious. One has to wonder, will this ultimately lead Japan and Taiwan to develop nuclear weapons?

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