I disagree with the Wed. June 5 letter to the editor from Jim Hinton, "Freitas misrepresents Sen. Hanger in election flyer." The Tina Freitas flyer does not misrepresent anything. Emmett Hanger’s voting record misrepresents his words.

“Say what you do and do what you say.” Most politicians have a hard time with this. Emmett Hanger is one of them. Senator Hanger’s voting record indicates he is not a conservative. In 2016, Hanger killed a bill that would expand school choice in Virginia. He was also the deciding vote to kill the introduction of a bill to provide constitutional conceal carry, and again in 2019. That is not pro-second amendment. A personal right to protect yourself is important to many, including women. In 2017, he voted against school choice a second time. He is not for equal opportunity is seems. In 2018, he voted to expand Obamacare Medicaid expansion. It would be cheaper to buy a private insurance policy for people in need than launder this service through the government. We need healthcare reform, but we should let the people who work in the healthcare industry decide on the policy and procedures. Senator Hanger voted to strip the Hyde amendment while putting through Obamacare, leading to taxpayer dollars funding abortions. You get the point? Kind of a pattern here.

The Virginia New Press reports in the 2015 Hanger primary election, 1,726 democrats crossed over and voted for Hanger. A Facebook post on October 30, 2015 by the Culpeper Democrats noted “…Emmett Hanger is running unopposed because Democrats came out in the republican primary to make sure he won the nomination. He votes 90% of the time as a Democrat would in that seat.”

Tina Freitas is a conservative and walks the walk. I’ll take Tina, thank you.

Don Doyle

Boston VA

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