Special thanks to officer Jason B. Smith of the Culpeper Town Police for coming to Walmart.

He was called by God to help a homeless man, Howard D. Clark Sr.

Officer Smith, along with a church ministry, came to Walmart not to harass a homeless man, but to help him. They provided me with a sleeping bag and a backpack with food and toiletry items.

I am filled with gratitude to all town and county officers of Culpeper County. Called by God in heaven, they are truly peace officers, not police officers. They serve and protect, rather than harass and arrest—as I was unfairly treated by Warrenton town police.

We should be proud and thankful for our Culpeper County and town officers. With a kind word of thanks and a handshake, let these men and women who protect and serve us know they are appreciated.

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Howard D. Clark, Sr. Culpeper