Regarding the Nov. 24 letter to the editor “Spanberger has joined with liberals and should be replaced”:

Raymond Bender wrote criticizing U.S. Rep. Spanberger, D-7th, for joining with other Democrats to advocate an impeachment inquiry of President Trump.

In fact, Rep. Spanberger joined with a small group of conservative Democrats—all with backgrounds in national security and law enforcement—to belatedly call for an investigation of the actions, circumstances and individuals involved in the U.S. delay of aid to Ukraine.

In their serious and thoughtful op-ed in The Washington Post, these six U.S. representatives spoke from their experience and concerns. They did not recommend impeachment, but an investigation, similar to a grand jury process.

Only after a thorough review of facts does a grand jury recommend charges or decline to do so. The grand jury process is a cautionary one, designed to prevent an emotional or vindictive pursuit against an individual.

It is ill-conceived to assert that Rep. Spanberger should be removed from office on the basis of the writer's misunderstanding the current process.

Other than those who trade in the stock market—in which only a small percentage of Americans participate—where is the economic prosperity of which Republicans speak?

If unclear and demonstrably false Republican talking points continue to be repeated, Rep. Spanberger will win re-election, and continue her outreach to constituents and the efforts at positive change that she has demonstrated since entering Congress.

M. Campbell


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