U.S. Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger (D-7th) may have run as a more moderate Democrat. But she has obviously joined with the most liberal Democrats in her support of Adam Schiff.

She voted with all the liberal Democrats to begin this impeachment inquiry, which is obviously more about politics than actual concern for the good of our country.

Maxine Waters and many other Democrats called for our president’s impeachment before he was even sworn into office or had even done anything right or wrong as our president. While President Trump is busy bringing the unemployment rate for minorities and every category of Americans to the most improved level in history, the Democrats have done nothing but talk about impeachment.

I don’t see how anybody can really trust that the Democrats are even telling the truth when this whole impeachment inquiry is being led by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Ca.), who has repeatedly lied on very important matters. He stood before the United States Congress and deliberately misquoted the President of the United States.

Schiff also stated that he had seen “ample evidence of Russian collusion” with the Trump campaign to help Donald Trump win the election in 2016. However, he never produced evidence to support this statement, and the Mueller report has clearly established that there is no such evidence. Many in Congress called for him to step aside after it became clear that he lied in this way.

Maybe President Trump acted unwisely in bringing in the name Biden while fulfilling his presidential duty of investigating corruption associated with the 2016 election. But he did not withhold aid from Ukraine and definitely did not commit an impeachable offense of bribery, extortion or high crime.

Abigail Spanberger needs to be voted out of office with the next election for playing politics with something as serious as impeaching the president. Especially a president who has done so much to bring economic prosperity and safety to the United States since he was elected.

Raymond Bender


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David Reuther

Mr. Bender's chronology is confusing. Spanberger did not vote for the impeachment hearing. In her numerous town halls around the district, such as the one in Culpeper, she only noted that the House hearings were like a Grand Jury and she would see what indictments arose. In the meantime testimony focused on the Ukrainian issue and in late September congresswomen with national security backgrounds wrote an op-ed noting their repeated sworn fidelity to the constitution and that the Ukrainian story required the House to fulfill its constitutional responsibilities. After three years of hearings on Benghazi, one would think Republicans would be comfortable with such an exercise in legislative oversight,


One minor difference that of course makes no difference to democrats. Benghazi was real, brave Americans died, and democrats don't give a rat's patoot. Russian collusion with Trump is not real, never was real, but that will never stop democrats in their non stop lying.

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