My name is Ann Ridgeway, and I am running for delegate in Virginia’s 30th House District. I am a wife, mother, former teacher and juvenile probation officer, and longtime community volunteer.

My parents devoted their entire life to public service, and taught me that you should treat others as you would want them to treat you.

I have been inspired by legislators such as Butch Davies and Edd Houck, who served honorably in the Virginia General Assembly and worked diligently across party lines to address issues for their constituents. I consider their accomplishments a model for how I would approach my responsibilities as a delegate: serving people, not politics.

I’m a native Virginian and have lived in this district for nearly 40 years. My views on our most critical issues are straightforward:

I will work to achieve affordable health care and mental health services, lower prescription drug costs, and protect coverage for those with pre-existing conditions.

I believe in giving our youth every opportunity to succeed, and have long been active in programs for young people. I will make education and workforce training a top priority, and seek an increase in educational funding for our rural area.

Contrary to what has been stated about me, I will work to keep taxes low and to protect Second Amendment rights. I do believe legislators have a responsibility to address the gun-violence issue.

Protecting and strengthening our rural economy, including our farms and small businesses, will be a top priority.

I believe in honesty, accountability and common-sense solutions, and I value truth and integrity in politics and in life. Please visit my website at for more information, or call me at 540/881-0104. I ask for your vote to represent all the people in the 30th.

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Ann F. Ridgeway


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