I express my support for two candidates in the upcoming election: Ann Ridgeway, Democratic candidate for delegate in the 30th District, and Annette Hyde, Democratic candidate for state Senate in the 24th District.

Both Ann and Annette will bring fresh ideas, energy, and a locally focused perspective to our General Assembly. They are not running for these offices as placeholders so that they can then enter the race for a higher office—they are genuinely interested in serving our local communities and finally solving problems that have been threatening our rural area for years.

It has been disheartening to see negative and untrue information circulating about Ann Ridgeway in particular. No, she does not want to confiscate your guns. She is a gun owner and a supporter of 2nd amendment rights. If you’re skeptical, I encourage you to talk directly to her about this.

Ann is a wife and mother who understands how precious life is, while also believing that we can trust women to make decisions about their own healthcare without government intervention. There are clear policy differences between Ann and her opponent, so I don’t understand the need to send out mailers or conduct telephone “surveys” that spread misinformation. I would hope that all of the campaigns would trust voters enough to make informed decisions without resorting to wild exaggerations and falsehoods about opponents.

Both Ann and Annette are committed to helping local citizens with the everyday challenges of affordable healthcare, accessible education, workforce training, high-quality internet and economic empowerment. They will also work to protect our rural environment, which is so important to our farming, forestry and tourism-based economy. Please vote for Ann Ridgeway and Annette Hyde on November 5th.

Cindy Taylor


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