David Reuther’s column in Sunday’s Star Exponent, “The coronavirus pandemic hits home,” was despicable and hit a new low.

While the entire population of the world is facing an unprecedented health crisis, Mr. Reuther chose to highlight his political ideology and hatred for President Trump instead of expressing support and empathy for a suffering nation.

The President has surrounded himself with the best doctors, researchers and industry leaders in the world to attack this crisis.

Even the Democratic governors of California and New York praised President Trump for his leadership. But Mr. Reuther has bought into the Democrats’ playbook, “Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste.”

There is plenty of time for criticism, critique, finger-pointing and ridicule after the health crisis has been conquered and people’s health and financial lives are restored.

Mr. Reuther offered some suggestions for his readers. I have one for him: to end such commentary until this crisis is resolved, unless it includes something positive to minimize America’s health anxiety.

Francis Updike


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David Reuther


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