Megan Frederick came back to town to run again for Culpeper County commonwealth’s attorney. Electing her would be a terrible mistake.

The person she describes on the campaign trail is a fictional character. I know, because I witnessed the real Megan Frederick while working for her as an assistant prosecutor for almost three years.

Prosecuting a case was not a top priority for her. Rather, her focus was simple: Politics. The interests of residents, of defendants and even of victims took a back seat to that.

She says she loves Culpeper. What she really loves is the attention and unfettered power she got from being the top prosecutor. Rather than serving the public, her days were filled with imaginary conspiracies and overall chaos.

Her aim was to punish anyone she thought was trying to take power from her. She constantly threatened to fire us merely for speaking to anyone not politically aligned with her. We were frequently called to “emergency” meetings to discuss her imaginary “mole” in the office, for nothing but sessions of intimidation, threats and ultimatums.

She claims to admire and support law enforcement. I watched her create an atmosphere of such distrust that it interfered with our ability to work together.

She says she’s a strong advocate for victims. To that, I ask, when she instructed the office to boycott the victim-witness program or when she published a victim’s 911 tape on her campaign Facebook page, was this her advocating for victims?

She emphasized during the debate that there would be no plea agreements with her office. This made me chuckle, because she hardly ever stepped into the courtroom to know what went on.

The power of the commonwealth’s attorney is not safe with Frederick.

Vote no, again, to Megan Frederick.

Margarita Wood


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