I am a Culpeper County resident, and I follow your paper online. It is disturbing to me and many others to see how biased this paper truly is.

Everyone has an opinion, but you only seem to post the opinions of the left. I’m not sure how others are able to be heard, or get their points across if this is how your paper is ran.

The proposed gun laws will have an impact on all Virginia residents, not just those who are standing to fight against them. You should reconsider being biased, by letting others who aren’t liberals or Democrats have a voice.

The unconstitutional laws will impact anyone who is wanting to learn self-defense, and will also impact our housing. You see, where we absolutely love our 2A, we love our Constitution even more.

Too many have fought and died for our Constitution, so why would so many be willing to tear it apart? These aren’t “common sense” gun laws? These are laws to control people, and to control what we do, or how we do it.

If people understood both sides, they might actually have a different opinion on what Richmond has planned to do.

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April Quinn


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