Timing is everything. Mr. Russell wrote a column (“Government regulation and politics can only go so far,” Star-Exponent, June 9) in support of gun rights soon after the Packard Theater showed “Saving Private Ryan” in commemoration of the invasion of Normandy during WWII and on a weekend when Gun Violence Awareness was drawing large orange-clothed demonstrators.

The first 27 minutes of “Private Ryan” perfectly illustrate the potency of rapid-fire weapons with large magazines, such as today’s AR-15. In one scene, a landing craft hits the beach, probably with a platoon from Virginia’s 29th Division, and is wiped out. The width of that Higgins boat was probably only slightly smaller than the school corridor at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Ct., where a gunman killed 26 people in Dec. 2012, including 20 children. Talk about never having a chance. The movie scene shows exactly why rapid-fire assault weapons were designed.

“Saving Private Ryan” is also very explicit in demonstrating what assault weapons do to the body. Multiple penetrations, emptying the body of blood. One can imagine what the Sandy Hook hallways looked like.

But Russell argues that the blood, carnage, and death of the recent mass shooting in Virginia Beach are no excuse for the Governor to call a special session of the legislature to address gun violence. For Russell, it appears public safety is not an appropriate application of government regulation. Some might see his conclusion as dogma over life.

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Margaret Campbell Culpeper