While it is commendable for people to run for public service, it is more important to bring relevant life and professional experiences to the elected office. The demand for immediate contribution does not afford the luxury of “on the job training” for a novice.

Culpeper is fortunate to have proven local leaders on the ballot in November: Sheriff Scott Jenkins; Board of Supervisors candidates Paul Bates and Tom Underwood; and Del. Nick Freitas, 30th District.

Sheriff Scott Jenkins has been in law enforcement for his entire professional life. He showed courage in signing an ICE Agreement despite all of the “false” narrative spun by the open-border progressive Democrats who place illegal aliens’ well-being ahead of the rights of U. S. Citizens. Scott Jenkins is a proven professional law enforcement officer and will always do what is best for Culpeper.

Paul Bates’s family has lived in Culpeper for generations. In fact, Rixeyville was named for one of his ancestors. Paul operated a successful automotive business for more than 25 years in Culpeper, and has always supported community youth and school athletic programs. The Bates family played a leading role in putting Culpeper on the map with the building of the Soapbox Track. Paul has Culpeper’s interest at heart.

Tom Underwood brings a wealth of business experience to the Board of Supervisors. During his prior service on the board, he stood out as a clear leader on all financial matters, especially the budget. Without exception, board members respected his commitment to financial integrity and accountability. After a short commitment to an out-of-town job, Tom returned to Culpeper to raise his family and operate Underwood Farms in Reva.

Nick Freitas is a fellow military veteran who knows that the “price of freedom is not free.” The Socialist-leaning Democrats support free college, free healthcare for all, and open borders. Sounds great, but as Margaret Thatcher once said, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” Socialism always fails and people suffer. Nick will defend our Constitutional Rights in Richmond.

A vote for these proven leaders will generate positive results for Culpeper’s future.

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Francis Updike


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David Reuther

Leaving aside that this letter is plagiarized from Jon Russell’s of last Sunday, Mr. Updike’s letter is an excellent illustration of the Culpeper Republicans' problem. It compliments praiseworthy military service but fails to talk about a path forward. There is no suggestion of restoring pre-recession school funding; no promises of broadband; no mention of stellar legislation passed. No mention of why the Special Session on gun safety was not worthy of any consideration by those who saw the full potential of guns as part of their livelihood. In an election of hope, all the Republican candidates offer is worn out, condescending comments about the teachers and national security professionals running as Democrats. There they go again with that dated song: Democrats will seize your guns, raise your taxes, and kill the babies. Republicans offer no hope. They censor their own for expanding health insurance. They take pride in killing the YMCA proposal. They tell us deporting a local mother with children will make us safer.

Nate Clancy

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on leadership. As a Navy veteran, leader in Culpeper as Member and past Chairman of the School Board, Chairman of the Capital Planning Committee, Chairman of Community Resources United to Stop Heroin (C.R.U.S.H.) Education Committee, and a servant in Mountain View Community Church, that's how I chose to lead in my community. And I'd appreciate you Voting for Nate Clancy on Nov 15th Catalpa Board of Supervisors

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