When I let it be known that I was considering a run for the Culpeper County Board of Supervisors, Jon Russell, the chairman of the local Republican party, wanted me to run as a Republican. I was given a deadline to respond to his request.

After much consideration, I decided to run as an independent. I consider myself a Republican and I support conservative values, but I felt that as a supervisor I needed to represent everyone in my district, and it seemed to me a party label would hinder that objective. Russell’s response was “that’s fine, but we will run someone against you.”

He found Nate Clancy.

Clancy is by all accounts a good and decent person. I have no reason to doubt that, but I am also aware that good people can be led astray by those with an agenda.

This past week, in a desperate move to save a losing campaign, Clancy allowed political hacks to send out a misleading and unscrupulous attack on me.

The attack was in a mailer sent to 4,000 households. In it, Clancy claims I support taxpayer-funded solar power because I support property rights for farmers—including the right to lease to solar-power companies. He claims I have family connections with solar-power companies.

In fact, my wife works one day a week as a bookkeeper for a property owner who applied for a solar permit. Because of that, I recused myself from a vote on the issue, because I thought it the ethical thing to do. The mailer twists that into something sinister, suggesting I cannot vote on solar-power issues.

It is sad to see this in the Culpeper I love. I hope voters will reject the mudslinging of political hacks.

Paul Bates


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Nate Clancy

Bates knows it destroys history and land, he knows its inefficient, he knows its tax payer funded and its a scam, yet he's bound to push it through because of his deep roots with friend's applications.

I don't need to say anything more... because he can speak for himself." .


Look at this video. Its proof he ingnores the science. Solar is great on your house when you pay for it. Solar in Culpeper will be paid for by your tax dollars.

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