In an op-ed column on May 5, "2019 local elections: Divide and conquer," by Mike McClary—member of a local group called the Culpeper Persisters—the author called the U.S. president a fascist, comparing him to Adolf Hitler.

Webster's dictionary defines fascism as "dictatorship that exalts nation and race." President Trump may wish to put this nation first, as most of us would put our family first, but he certainly has done his best to increase employment for all citizens, regardless of gender or race. Our president is certainly not a fascist. He wants all citizens to benefit from his administration's decisions. 

Socialism is a "social system based on government control of the production and distribution of goods." This is absolutely not what our nation's founders had in mind, and has never been the way our country and its citizens have worked, lived, purchased or sold products or provided services.

Many Democrats clearly espouse socialism. Many of these also call for various "free" services. None of these people have stated how these "free" services would be paid for. The answer is obvious: taxpayers. All of us would have our taxes raised to pay for this "pie in the sky" idea, including services for illegal aliens. 

Please, when you vote, remember what the avowed socialists stand for. Their proposals could lead our nation to ruin.

T. A. Johnson


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