I’m writing in response to Donnie Johnston’s column, “Those hinting at violence need to hold their fire.”

While the intent of this article—to preserve the peace—is laudable and represents the desires of the vast majority of us on both ends of the political spectrum, the author missed several salient points.

First, the governor and state legislature are not merely threatening to enact “stricter gun laws.” They are threatening to gut our inherent and constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms.

They have threatened to turn law-abiding gun owners into felons. They have expressed their desire to strip us of our inherent and inalienable rights. They propose nothing less than a flatly unconstitutional legislative assault on law-abiding citizens.

Second, the threats of violence are emanating from Richmond, and even from one U.S. congressman, not from us.

We have been threatened with confiscation of our lawfully acquired and possessed property, which would entail state-sponsored coercion and the use of force, incarceration, registration (an obvious necessity with which to later effectuate confiscation), and even the veiled threat of military force against us.

We are citizens peacefully advocating for our rights in a lawful and appropriate manner, and working with our local authorities to do so. In return, we are ridiculed, minimized, stereotyped and roundly berated with such epithets as ‘deplorable’ and ‘despicable.’

No American should accept threats and intimidation leveled at law-abiding citizens exercising their First Amendment rights to protect themselves and families.

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Patrick Heleen


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David Reuther

While much storm and rage swirl around us in assertion after assertion, there are fewer and fewer supported facts. Not one specific piece of proposed legislation has been singled out as eliminating the federal or VA constitution's second amendment protections. The stormers pretend that one particular piece of legislation, if passed, would upend the VA constitution. That is not how the constitution can be changed. They don't even pretend that if there were such a piece of legislation law someone would sue in the courts before implementation. Mr. Johnston’s detractors seem hyperventilating over stereotypes they have created about gun safety and the rest of the population. His wise call for patience and prudence seems well placed.


Nothing, absolutely nothing democrats do make any sense. Until you understand their agenda. Then it all makes perfect sense. Notice they never propose doing anything about gangs and criminals who are doing the crimes with guns. No, they are after law abiding citizens. They are after massive and ever growing government with them in charge, unlimited power and control, and the stamping out of all voices of opposition. Control of media, control of entertainment, control of speech, control of education. Just look how deeply they have wormed their way into those areas now, and they will not stop until they totally dominate. They have one problem and fear. An armed populace may be difficult to subjugate. Therefore, they must be disarmed, as all tyrants in the past have done. They have no interest in disarming criminals. Those are potential allies, as the Brown Shirts were in the past, until they were no longer useful and had to be destroyed. The past is prelude.

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