In the letter to the editor submitted to the Star-Exponent by M. Campbell on Dec. 17 titled, “Sheriff’s plan for background checks and mental evaluation is a good one,” the writer distorts Jenkins’ position on gun owners.

The letter states, “I enthusiastically support the sheriffs plan to require background checks and mental evaluations for gun owners.”

The sheriff did not say that he supports mental evaluations for gun owners. He was specifically referring to the process of selecting deputies when he referred to mental evaluations. Background checks are already being done on gun purchases when purchasing from a store or online. Also, I doubt the sheriff supports Moms Demand Action, a group the letter-writer referred to that supports gun control.

So, the author thinks that gun owners should be evaluated by a medical professional, which is a ridiculous and expensive idea.

The fallacy of “sensible” gun laws is that criminals do not obey these laws, only law-abiding gun owners comply.

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Chris Anthon


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David Reuther

David Reuther

Mr. Anthon does a disservice to Sheriff Jenkins by not closely examining what the sheriff said on "Fox and Friends." He was speaking to the fears of the 2A movement. He claimed that he would deputize anyone deprived of gun ownership, but as deputies such persons would have to pass a background check and a mental evaluation. Sherif fJenkins is no fool. He knows there is no such gun confiscation legislation pending, but he wants to associate himself with the aroused 2A forces. In doing so, however, he inadvertently associated himself with the modest policies of the gun safety lobby -- background checks for gun sales. The sheriff knew Mr. Anthon won't notice.

Chris Anthon

Prior to submitting my letter for publication, I asked the sheriff’s office to review the letter for accuracy and, in writing, I was told the letter was “perfect”.

I did “notice” what the sheriff said.

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