The headline on an April 17, 2017, Star-Exponent article read “Culpeper County leads two ominous categories.”

It stated that “the rate of drug overdose deaths is higher in Culpeper County than any other locality in the Fredericksburg region. Culpeper residents died at the rate of 28 per 100,000 from drugs and 16 per 100,000 from guns. Between 2013 and 2015, 41 people in Culpeper died from overdoses.”

This same article could be written today.

Scott Jenkins was sheriff during that entire period.

Voters need to think about these statistics. Is Jenkins more interested in holding camps for kids than in carrying out his law enforcement duties?

After eight years of Jenkins, it is time for a new sheriff in town!

That has to be C.J. Johnson. He will bring back law enforcement, integrity, respect and experience to the Sheriff’s Office, and there will be no nepotism as there is in the Jenkins administration.

To discredit C.J., the Jenkins campaign mailed out a court document about a one-time, old-debt matter involving C.J. I might expect this nationally, but at the local level, it is a sad day for Culpeper. Desperate people do desperate things.

As for treasurer, how did Missy White get on the ballot? White’s duties in the Sheriff’s Office appear to be primarily basic accounts payable. In my opinion, she has zero experience to be responsible for the treasurer’s duties, which include taxation, assessments, investments and collections.

If White is elected, she would move from responsibility for a minimum program to one of well over $100 million. She would be set up for failure, not success.

The only candidate who will be a knowledgeable, effective, hit-the-ground-running, highly experienced treasurer is Denise Whetzel.

Nancy C. Garrett


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I agree totally with Ms. Garrett. Mr. Johnson is a man of faith and integrity who will have ALL Culpeper people as a priority. He will eliminate the heinous 287G Bill of Hate, support Culpeper's new Drug Court, and show no favoritism to his cronies and family members.

As for Ms. Whetzel I can not remember a more qualified candidate for Culpeper Treasurer. She has spent her entire 40 year career in finance and will bring that expertise to the County as Treasurer.

Thom Faircloth

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