The most important asset Culpeper County has is our youth.

I have the honor and privilege to represent the Stevensburg District on the School Board. I sit on two committees, the Administration Committee, which creates and reviews policies before they go to the full board, and the Division Safety Committee, which considers all items involving the safety of our staff and students.

I know firsthand that Sheriff Scott Jenkins has assisted with sound policy recommendations to the School Board. For example, Culpeper County Public Schools employ two armed security officers. Jenkins’ expert counsel and advice were used to implement the first armed security policy in the state.

His continued insistence on ensuring our schools are safe should never go unnoticed. There are deputies on every campus everyday, active-shooter training and drills annually for all school staff, extra security at events, a dedicated deputy to process bus-passing violations, drug scans with police dogs, training for school security officers, and many other safety and security recommendations made through the school division’s School Safety Committee.

When Jenkins hired me eight years ago, he told me one of his top priorities was the safety of Culpeper’s students and staff.

After being assigned for six consecutive school years as a school resource officer at Culpeper County and Eastern View high schools, coupled with my role as a School Board member, it is abundantly clear that Jenkins’ commitment to the safety of our schools will not be taken lightly on his watch.

I respectfully ask you to re-elect Sheriff Jenkins to ensure that progress with the safety of our schools continues.

Marshall Keene

Stevensburg District member, Culpeper County School Board

Detective, Culpeper County Sheriff’s Office

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Keene is campaign chairman of the Culpeper County Republican Committee.

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