We've all heard the saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me." Death and life lies in the power of your tongue, so speak life.

Do you know someone you’ve hurt or who has hurt you? Do you know someone who you need to say you’re sorry to? Do you know someone who you need to forgive and haven’t?

Have you sincerely apologized and the person did not accept? Move on, you’ve done your part. I’ve learned that when you heal, the people around you heal—it’s a domino effect.

These words heal beyond what we fathom and can heal the world one broken soul at a time. I know this because I also need apologies and need to apologize at times and when I do, immediately I see change. I’ve learned that apologizing or using any related words can renew your spirit.

Live life in abundance. No matter how big or small the problem and no matter how long ago it was and no matter how justified you were—apologize. These words can heal a broken soul, mend a broken heart, set a captive free and allow someone to exhale. Tell someone you’re sorry, even if you don’t think it was a serious matter. Sunshine is waiting and love can reign supreme again. When you forgive, it helps everyone.

I apologize to everyone who may have been hurt by me. I intercede for others as well. How about you? Apologizing can heal the world one broken soul at a time, let’s do it. 

Truth Mchansen


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