We the people of Virginia need to turn to God for guidance.

We need to pray for our elected politicians that they will not pass new gun control bills that will restrict our God-given right to protect and defend ourselves. God has always given man tools to survive.

Let’s encourage Virginia’s law-abiding gun owners and all our law enforcement officers and firemen and family members to write to our elected politicians and specifically our governor, and tell them, “No new gun laws, no red flag laws, no compromise.” Tell them to enforce the laws we already have.

Law enforcement officers and Virginia gun owners may be caught between an unstoppable force and an immovable object if these new restrictive gun laws are passed and enforced.

Law enforcement officers could be terminated from their jobs if they don’t enforce the anticipated new gun control laws and the red flag laws. Once terminated, they may never be a law enforcement officer again.

If law enforcement officers try to enforce the new gun laws, a large force of patriots in Virginia and from other states will meet law enforcement officers with this threat.

Thomas Jefferson said: “The Tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of Patriots and Tyrants. When the government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

Was he right?

1861 was the last time a tyrannical government threatened with force the patriots of Virginia. Have we learned anything since then?

I implore all religious leaders in our nation to ask their congregations to pray for Virginians and our elected officials, law enforcement officers and firemen.

Virginia law-abiding gun owners, let’s turn to God for guidance.

David Curtis


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Vic Nicholls

In response to Mr. Reuther, can you tell me why we don't have a national domestic violence registry? Its because people are just interested in restricting law abiding peoples' guns and their rights. Where is the heavy lobbying for harsher penalties for proven violence by a spouse, that isn't proven to be false later? I would love to see harsher penalities for crimes committee with guns laws. Start lobbying for that, spending money on that. How about bullying in schools? How about money for mental health? How about the need to teach people how to resolve differences without violence?

Where is the stats on the gun violence? I don't see any facts backing up your assertions.

From al jazeera racism-black-hole-gun-control-191121115131565

This is from Charles E Cobb Jr excellent treatise on This Nonviolent Stuff'll Get You Killed, lax gun laws and easy access to firearms are a fundamental reason for the success of the civil rights movement.

Do we really want more restrictive gun laws in a society where the government has a history of being the largest threat to people's freedom? Do we want that government removing those people's right to protect themselves and using amendment 2 to protect amentment #1?

Can you prove stats showing that the specific laws you propose will target domestic violence and not everyone else?

How many will be killed due to the laws you propose? Check out youtube

Wife with AR-15 Saves husband and daughters' lives during home invasion

and from townhall com /after-another-mass-shooting-california-must-recognize-its-gun-control-laws-may-actually-be-part-of-the-problem

It isn’t by coincidence that every mass public shooting in Europe since at least 1990 has occurred in an area where general, law-abiding citizens are banned from carrying firearms for protection, and for recent mass public shootings in New Zealand, Brazil, and the Netherlands. That has also held true for 94% of such attacks in the U.S. since 1950.

from crime research major-new-research-on-school-safety-schools-that-allow-teachers-to-carry-guns-havent-seen-school-shootings-during-school-hours/

This increase has occurred entirely among schools that don’t let teachers carry guns. Outside of suicides or gang violence in the wee hours of the morning, there has yet to be a single case of someone being wounded or killed from a shooting at a school that allows teachers and staff to carry guns during school hours. Indeed, the one shooting occurred at 2:20 AM in a parking lot when no armed teachers would have been around.

There haven't been any serious accidents. No student has ever got a hold of their teacher’s gun, and the one accidental discharge by a teacher occurred outside of school hours. The teacher had only very minor injuries.

School insurance premiums haven‘t risen at all from teachers being allowed to carry.

This also makes the job of the police much safer. Concealed carry means that killers won't know who is armed. Even if they take an officer by surprise, they must worry that they are revealing their position to someone else who can stop them.

Due to this, why should Virginians lose their gun rights to protect themselves from the illegal immigrants that the same side proposing these gun laws have?

from the national sentinal another-american-killed-as-a-result-of-a-democrat-sanctuary-city-policy-in-california/

American citizen by an illegal alien who was shielded from a longer jail term and deportation by a Democrat-imposed “sanctuary city” policy in California.

Police in San Jose say that Carlos Eduardo Arevalo Carranza, 24, stalked 59-year-old Bambi Larson before breaking into her home and killing her in her bedroom in June.

Law enforcement officials have deeply criticized not only California’s sanctuary law before the murder but also pointed to Santa Clara County officials for ignoring no fewer than nine U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer requests for the self-professed gang member.

another sheriffs-have-constitutional-power-and-duty-not-to-enforce-red-flag-laws/

When the Brady Handgun Violence Protection Act (Brady Bill) was enacted in 1993, sheriffs in several state refused to enforce it and sought to strike it down as unconstitutional. Sheriffs Richard Mack of Graham County, AZ and Jay Printz of Ravalli County, MT filed a lawsuit that reached the Supreme Court. And in a 5-4 decision, the Court ruled sheriffs weren’t required to enforce the law because it violated the Tenth Amendment.

Writing for the majority, Antonin Scalia said the decision was based on the fact that the Founding Fathers created a powerful local government as a check against an oppressive federal and/or state government. Quoting President James Madison, he said:

“[T]he local or municipal authorities form distinct and independent portions of the supremacy, no more subject, within their respective spheres, to the general authority than the general authority is subject to them, within its own sphere.” (Federalist 39)

Scalia understood that the Founders knew the dangers of an arbitrary, confiscatory, centralized government, and he pointed out how they designed a system of divided power to ensure the checks and balances necessary to protect our liberty.

The office of sheriff is unique in that he is directly responsible to the people of his county, not the government or the courts. Sheriffs are elected, not appointed, and they have complete authority to reject the acts of any agency of the government if those acts violate the rights of the people. Remember, the people are where the Founders placed all powers not delegate to the federal government.

There is no lawful authority for judges or a court to direct the law enforcement activities of a county sheriff. He’s not a part of the judiciary. He holds executive power and can set up a court, empanel a jury, and form a militia or posse to protect the rights of those he represents.

from the washington times democrats-vote-defend-sanctuary-cities/

Senate Democrats launched filibusters Wednesday to protect sanctuary cities and to shield repeat illegal immigrants from mandatory minimum five-year prison sentences, saying Republican lawmakers were following the lead of Donald Trump in attacking immigrants.

The votes were taken slightly more than a year after the slaying of Kate Steinle, whose death at the hands of an illegal immigrant shielded by San Francisco’s sanctuary policy ignited a fierce debate over localities’ laws that limit or ban police from turning over immigrants to federal deportation officers.

and democrat-sanctuary-city-has-illegal-immigrant-rapist-released-wheelchair-bound-victim-reports-he-raped-her-again/

Francisco Carranza-Ramirez is on the run after serving just nine months for raping a wheelchair-bound woman. He was released on time served THAT SAME DAY after serving even less than the mere one year he was sentenced to (ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT PRIVILEGE) with NO notification to the victim and NO notification to ICE, since Democrats hate the thought of illegal immigrant rapists getting turned over to immigration authorities and deported.

The victim reported Carranza-Ramirez RAPED HER AGAIN and fled.

from the western journal democrats-hate-ice-much-protecting-illegals-caught-trying-buy-guns/

Republican Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz tweeted on Wednesday, “Democrats in the Judiciary Committee just voted against notifying ICE when an illegal alien fails a background check to buy a gun. They hate ICE so much that they’d keep ICE in the dark when illegals try to get guns!”

David Reuther

This letter from a person of conviction illustrates what is disappointing in our civil discourse. The author writes in opposition to Red Flag laws. Red Flag laws are a form of restraining order which allows legal authorities to temporarily remove guns from someone who it is so upset as to be a danger to himself or others. The drive behind such legislation is that 50+ woman are murdered a month in the U.S. by spouses or boyfriends. Opposition to Red Flag laws means that there is nothing that should be done to stop these murders. That's what the 2A demonstrators who packed Board of Supervisors meeting rooms recently. By misrepresenting the proposed legislation, by arguing the 2 Amendment supersedes the Ten Commandments, these demonstrators are willing accomplices in murder.

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