In response to the letter to the editor on Sunday, June 16 by Cindy Taylor, “Government intervention is needed to ensure gun safety,” while the red flag laws regarding gun control seem quite benign on the surface, they have a sinister side that seems more at home in the East Germany of the cold war than in the home of the free.

With the red flag laws, one of your neighbors—or someone who doesn’t care for you—can call the police and report you to prevent you from hurting yourself or others, and law enforcement can show up at your door and take the following actions:

1. Your weapons may be confiscated and you have no right of due process.

2. You are assumed to be dangerous until you prove you are not.

3. Confiscation is based on someone else’s word, with no proof necessary.

4. Your accuser is kept secret, allowing them to harass you without consequence.

5. Even if you win a legal fight, you will pay thousands of dollars in legal fees, and the battle could impact your reputation and employment.

6. Your guns (property) could be damaged or even destroyed.

7. You have no protection from repeated red flag confiscations.

It seems to me that Ms. Taylor is in a bit of as hurry to throw away my 2nd Amendment rights under the guise of “safety.” The America of yesteryear didn’t seem to be troubled with firearm safety issues. I wonder what is different? When you are willing to infringe on any of my constitutional rights in the interest of “safety” you are treading on dangerous ground. There’s a big difference between a pork chop that’s safe to eat and someone entering our homes without probable cause.

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Richard Baker Culpeper

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