My fellow citizens, read this letter and you will have a different outlook on life in this nation.

We have a choice to make on election day. May I inform you that Nick Freitas is the one who’s running for House of Delegates to represent our district—Culpeper, Orange and Madison counties.

I know Freitas, and I am aware that he is an Army veteran. When he volunteered for the U.S. military, he signed and swore an oath by pledging to the code of conduct that all veterans must take.

The first article of the code states, “I will never forget that I am an American fighting man dedicated to the principles that made my country free, and I’m prepared to give my life in its defense.”

Wow—willing to die for our freedom. Think about that.

Through his special-warfare training and combat service, he’s not only a warrior, but the best our country can produce as a real patriot.

Nick Freitas is a savior for our district.

Write his name in. It will be our gift to the 30th District on Nov. 5.

Morris W. Peters


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Morris Peters, a retired Baltimore police officer, retired as a first sergeant in the Army, after 42 years of service.

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Nate Clancy

Excellent write up Mr Peters. VOTE NICK FREITAS on November 5th!

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