Over the past four years, I have had the distinct honor of representing the people of Culpeper, Madison and Orange counties as the delegate for Virginia’s 30th District.

I was elected on the promise that I would vote and legislate guided by the belief that government's primary responsibility is to protect the individual rights and freedoms of the people, not to micromanage their lives.

Over the last four years, I have consistently voted to lower taxes, get rid of damaging and redundant regulations, increase educational opportunities for our children, and ensure that government stays within its proper constitutional boundaries. We have seen a great deal of legislative success, to include increasing government transparency, expanding career technical education for our students, protecting property rights, and taking care of our veterans.

On issues of the Second Amendment and protecting the unborn, there are significant differences between me and my opponent.

Whereas I believe that the government has an obligation to protect your inherent right to keep and bear arms, my opponent has supported the governor’s anti-gun agenda.

Whereas I believe that we have an obligation to protect a child in the womb, and that your tax dollars should not be used to subsidize the abortion industry, my opponent is endorsed by NARAL, which supports taxpayer-funded abortion up to birth.

On Nov 5, the people of the 30th District will decide how they want to be represented in Richmond. I am asking for the opportunity to continue to fight for a commonwealth that values individual liberty, private property rights and the power of the free market.

If you wish to elect me to represent you again, I ask that you please 1) fill in the bubble and 2) write in Nick Freitas for House of Delegates District 30.

Nick Freitas


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