I have been trying to stay out of the fray regarding the 30th District House of Delegates race. The half million-dollar donation from an out-of-state billionaire has pushed me to speak out. Do we really want our delegate to have his seat purchased for him by out-of-state special interests? Let’s look at the facts.

Nick Freitas failed to do his due diligence and check to see if his campaign paperwork was filed completely and on time. There are literally 21 other candidates on the November ballot in my precinct who all managed to properly file.

Mr. Freitas’ failure to follow through reflects his lack of commitment to his position as our Delegate. Furthermore, Mr. Freitas has never accepted responsibility for his mistake. He blames Richmond and the Democrats. I want a representative who takes responsibility for his actions even when they don’t cast him in the best light.

I support Ann Ridgeway for the House of Delegates 30th District seat. She has a proven record of accomplishment in the 30th District as a teacher, a Juvenile Justice Probation Officer and a change-maker. Did you know she started the Office on Youth in Orange County? She also initiated the work needed to establish a Recreation Department there. Ann already has a track record of community activism. She is truly an advocate for families here in our district.

Ann will listen to her constituents and Ann will fight for us in Richmond. She will do the hard work to get improved funding for rural school districts. She will fight for broadband infrastructure. She will work to make sure everyone, including the poorest among us, has access to affordable health care. Send someone to Richmond who isn’t building a financial war chest to run for national office. Vote for Ann Ridgeway on November 5th!

Ed Dunphy


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Ed Dunphy

Candidate for School Board


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