I want everyone in the community to know why I am such a huge supporter of Megan Frederick.

On Sept. 6, 2018, one of my nephews was placed in foster care while the agency left another watching his brother being taken away. It was very traumatic.

After realizing I needed a very good lawyer who understood addiction, family dynamics, criminal law and other facets that play into this case, I called Megan Frederick. I knew that she was an amazing trial lawyer, but told her I was concerned I could not afford her rates. She immediately said she would help our family pro bono (free)!

She knew this case could take at least a year. But she did not hesitate to help us. When I asked her why she would do this she said “because it is the right thing to do, and you are from Culpeper. I will always help Culpeper.”

She felt I deserved representation, that I was a safe place for my nephews, and that the children should have someone who would fight for them to be with family.

Over the past year, she has worked countless hours on both custody cases. Watching her in a courtroom has been a pleasure. She is confident, and knows the law.

One of my nephews is now with me, flourishing. And it appears the other will be living with us soon.

When I found out Megan was running for commonwealth’s attorney, I decided that I needed to make sure people knew just who she is and what she stands for: God, justice, truth, children, families, and Culpeper!

She has blessed my family, and asked nothing in return. She will do the same for Culpeper, her hometown.

So on Nov. 5, vote Megan Frederick!

Laura Ramey


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