Culpeper has become a more modern, educated and diverse community than the rigid radicals the Culpeper GOP touts for office. It has been trending “blue” in the past three elections. Culpeper is anything but a Republican county.

Many fine candidates are up for election this Nov. 5. Virginians almost always run as independents rather than with party labels, as is appropriate where community issues are at stake.

The divisive, extreme politics that have been perpetrated by the current occupant of the Oval Office and his worshipers, including those right here in our community, have no place in Culpeper.

Republicans recently posted on Facebook, “I’d Rather be an American than a Democrat,” and “Keep on Trumpin.’ ” Seriously? This is not the way patriots do business.

If you want to keep Culpeper from returning to the dark ages, you will vote for real community activists and public servants such as: incumbent Paul Walther for commonwealth’s attorney, incumbent Terry Yowell for commissioner of the revenue, Denise Whetzel for treasurer, Tami Coughlin for Salem supervisor, Kathy Campbell for East Fairfax supervisor, Gary Deal for West Fairfax supervisor, Paul Bates for Catalpa supervisor, and Ed Dunphy, Pat Baker, Anne Luckinbill and Barbee Brown for School Board, Thomas O’Halloran and Dennis Verhoff (write-in candidate) for the Soil and Water Conservation District, and these four people for the Town Council: Frank Reaves Jr., Meaghan E. Taylor, Hank G. Milans III and Jamie M.D. Clancey.

And finally, vote for C.J. Johnson for sheriff, for obvious reasons.

In the state legislature, Culpeper deserves better than the five Republican incumbents who have ill-served us for many, many years. This means you should vote for Ann Ridgeway, Laura Galante, Amy Laufer, Ronnie Ross and Annette Hyde. They are all community-oriented individuals running for office based on local issues and the needs of our residents.

Mike McClary


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Ronnie Lee

I think you are wrong about Culpeper. My last post probably will not make this part of the Star Exponent. But what I posted is no worse than you talking about the president of the United States

Ronnie Lee

You sir do not no anything about Culpeper. You sound like A race baiting transplant from Northern Virginia. . Sorry if come on a little strong. But to Real Culpeper people you are the one out of touch and have no idea about Culpeper

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