The past two evenings, I watched the second series of the Democratic candidates’ TV debates. Wow, was I impressed?

While listening, I thought “common sense” had flown right out the window, seriously!

Some candidates supported “open borders,” while at least one thought sending a monthly check to every adult in the country—without knowing if they were here legally or not, or what their income level is—was a great idea. This included able-bodied people who just refuse to work.

The other terrific idea put forth was to put an end to the use of fossil fuels. A listener might pause and ask: OK, great, because planes, trains, farm & heavy equipment, cruise ships, and most vehicles run on some type of petroleum products, then we just shut it all down? Can you imagine the results?

These candidates certainly are intelligent enough to realize this is total hogwash.

I apologize for not being able to remember all of the half-baked ideas these people are running on. But I hope they keep up the nonsense, as most voters will realize this group has put forth the most extreme ideas in this country’s history, and will vote accordingly.

T. A. Johnson


540 229-8410

9483 Mountain Run Lake Rd, Culpeper 22701

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