The School Resource Division of the Culpeper County Sheriff’s Office supports the incumbent sheriff, Scott Jenkins.

Since Jenkins has taken office, the collaboration between the Sheriff’s Office and Culpeper County Public Schools has grown in a positive manner. Jenkins has assigned one of his deputies to each public school campus.

Jenkins annually maintains and constantly improves on active-shooter drills and training. This training includes members of the Sheriff’s Office, Virginia State Police, Culpeper Town Police, Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office, fire and rescue, and other first responders.

Jenkins’ mission is to maintain a high security standard for our schools and our children. Jenkins personally has an investment in maintaining the security of the schools, as we all do.

Jenkins makes it a priority for us, not only your school resource officers, but all deputies, to build a positive lifelong relationship with our community’s children.

We, the SROs along with other deputies, are able to attend after-school events, participate in public/private and home-school programs, instruct within schools, coach and maintain free youth sports camps, mental health and other specialized training.

We are the deputies who compose the SRO Division of the Culpeper County Sheriff’s Office. Each of us support Jenkins and believes in his vision for Culpeper’s children and people.

Appointed a law-enforcement officer at age 18, Jenkins has proven his leadership, maintained the safety of all, shown constant commitment, and overseen the services his office provides.

As we, the SROs of your county, support him on Nov. 5, we cordially ask you—the people of Culpeper—to support Sheriff Jenkins by voting for him to maintain the office of sheriff.

Culpeper County School Resource Division deputies

Chad McKnight, Brandon Mack, Robert Hefner, Ana Ortiz, David Batkins, Melvin White, Christopher Williams, Joseph Curtis and Dana Dodson

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