Jon Russell’s columns in the Culpeper Star-Exponent are always insightful. In his Oct. 27 column [“Republicans, our future hangs in the balance”], his call to vote should be heeded by one and all.

Russell warns that if Democrats win a couple of seats, Virginia will have one-party rule. Missing is the fact that we have had one-party Republican rule for over two decades now.

That is why financing for public schools has fallen 8 percent in a decade. That is why there is no broadband, no gun-safety provisions even after the Norfolk massacre, why children are being killed in their homes because of unsecured guns, why the prices of insulin and other medications are soaring, and why hospitals can charge outrageous fees and sue people into bankruptcy.

Russell writes the Republican voter should not “monkey around with voting for candidates who are Democrats or even independents.”

God forbid you vote for an independent candidate, someone with an open mind.

Apparently, problem-solving is not as important as maintaining political rigidity. That is why two Republican candidates who have part of their districts in Culpeper are not included on the Republican sample ballot.

Republicans seek a red wall of ideologically motivated candidates from state Senate down to School Board. At this moment, one of our School Board members is the Culpeper Republican campaign manager and is in charge of President Trump rallies.

Is that what we want for the School Board, for the Town Council, perhaps the Board of Supervisors?

Republican candidates in Loudoun County and other areas of Virginia are moving toward the center to attract votes. In fact, it is axiomatic in democratic politics that as political parties become evenly balanced, more effort goes into finding common ground. Don’t build this wall.

David Reuther


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David Reuther chairs the Culpeper Democratic Committee.

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