There is very little information available on the Culpeper County website to help prospective homeowners or those who wish to have a house built.

In fact, compared to the surrounding counties, the contrast in the amount of information available is staggering. Fauquier County even employs a soil scientist.

I had a new home built in Culpeper County in 2017. To date the house continues to move, drywall cracks open and a door sticks in the winter months. My investigations led to the soil. I had three soil samples tested, and all three tests came back high- or moderate-expansive.

It is estimated my new home needs $125,000 of repairs and foundation stabilization. Notice of deficiencies have been issued, but no work has started.

According to the building official, this is the first case during his tenure that expansive soil was discovered after the house was built. I will add, he has yet to conduct a site visit to see first-hand how the soil has pulled away from my foundation.

The shrink soil policy that was on the county’s website was deleted and is in the process of getting updated after 21 years, because of me.

There are many discrepancies I have discovered during my research and the documents received under the Freedom Of Information Act.

The existence of expansive soil could be just about anywhere in the county and its effects should be publicized.

Patrick Sartori


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