In the May 22 Star-Exponent commentary, “Green New Deal had its roll-out in Spotsylvania," Kevin McCarthy explained that we should not pass the Green New Deal—with which I agree. Keeping the environment clean is no doubt important and lawmakers should put forth legislation to protect it. However, what I disagree with is passing to a lot of environmental legislation to the point where it hinders consumer choice in the free market. The Green New Deal is nothing more than a costly spending bill that will limit consumer choice among energy sources. Furthermore, the Green New Deal will not accomplish any goals related to keeping the environment preserved from pollution.

Consumers should be able to have flexibility when it comes to picking an energy source they find affordable and clean. Both renewable and nonrenewable sources of energy, ranging from solar energy to natural gas, should be cost-efficient and environmentally friendly to consumers. In addition, no subsidies should be provided to any energy industry. The consumer should be the one to determine the success and failure of these energy sources.

John Vick III


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