It has been proposed in this newspaper that we should be looking at facts, rather than political rhetoric, in our discussion about the sheriff’s agreement with ICE (see Timothy Cotton’s op-ed of Sept. 22, “Know the facts regarding 287(g), not just political rhetoric”).

Here are some facts:

• These 287(g) agreements with the U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement Agency undermine public safety because they erode trust between residents and law enforcement agencies, making immigrant residents—including those who are documented—less likely to contact or speak to local law enforcement;

• A new study from the University of California, Davis (“Deportations Reduce Crime? That’s Not What the Evidence Shows,” By Anna Flagg, New York Times, Sept 23) shows that deportations do not make communities safer. Deportations do not lead to crime reduction, nor do they enhance the police’s ability to solve crime through collaboration with federal immigration enforcement;

• They do, however, greatly contribute to childhood trauma and family stress! Ultimately, 287(g) agreements undermine the community safety they seek to advance.

• About 200 of our immigrant residents stepped way out of their comfort zone to appear before our Board of Supervisors to request a recommendation against the signing of 287(g). Their concerns were completely ignored. Talk about erosion of trust!

In light of events involving immigrants all over our country, I would argue that our Hispanic community does not consider their fear of 287(g) a reflection of “political rhetoric.”

Marilyn Dunphy

Culpeper Virginia

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