After serving on the Culpeper County Board of Supervisors for 24 years and understanding the importance of listening to people, researching issues and loving this community, I feel Paul Bates will make an excellent supervisor for the Catalpa District.

Paul already has a good feel for what the issues are, since he has served two years on the Planning Commission and has dealt with some tough issues.

He is respectful to applicants and those who speak at the public hearings. He asks good questions of the applicants and the staff, and you can tell he doesn’t make decisions lightly.

It’s also good to know that Paul is a successful businessman and understands budgets. I feel he will consider the taxpayers as he makes financial decisions that will affect our pocketbooks. He will make sure we will get value for our taxes.

I can see his love for our community through his support of children’s athletic programs, his help organizing the Soap Box Derby, and just being a good friend to his neighbors and friends. Paul is always the first to offer help when he hears someone is in need.

Paul will be an asset to this county, so I feel good asking you to join me in voting for Paul Bates in November.

Sue Hansohn


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Nate Clancy

Except he supports taxpayer funded solar. Key words there are Tax Payer, not on my watch

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