I wanted to write a letter to the Eastern Fairfax District in support of a champion for education in Pat Baker. She has served one term and is seeking her second term—do not let her knowledge and expertise slip away from the Culpeper School Board. I have known Pat Baker for 15 years as a parent of her students, a colleague, and a friend.

First, she taught my two daughters from Kindergarten through 5th grade in her gifted program. I can honestly say that her teaching methods and expectations can be credited in laying the foundation for my children’s success in the K-12 educational system and into college. She understands what is needed to grow the successful mindset of students. Her qualifications as a past teacher are numerous and her understanding of what each student needs to succeed in life is inherent in her decision making.

Second, as a colleague, she has a wealth of knowledge in every aspect of the educational system. She understands the needs of teachers and their students, as well as their struggles, the administrator’s role, and public educational policies. She is always up on current teaching methods and continues to add to her wealth of knowledge.

Third, as a friend she is loyal, kind, and helpful. All of these are the traits you would want for a school board member—she will always do her best to improve the school system for Culpeper County. Do not let this educational warrior slip away from your school district.

Amy Kidder

Art Educator

Mary Walter Elementary School

Midland, VA 

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David Reuther

At the Chamber of Commerce candidates forum last week Ms. Baker presented an impressive ressume of teaching and life experiences. Few have her sterling background. I was impressed and will vote for her

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