We are writing to clarify possible confusion regarding a recent commentary (May 13, “Culpeper County 2A mobilizes community volunteers”) about the Culpeper County 2A group and Culpeper Minutemen volunteers.

While there is no copyright on the name “Culpeper Minute Men,” we want to make it clear that two other local groups—Culpeper Minute Men Daughters of the American Revolution (CMMDAR) and Culpeper Minute Men Sons of the American Revolution (CMMSAR)—have no affiliation with the volunteer group discussed in this article.

The DAR and SAR are committed to historical preservation, promotion of education, encouragement of patriotic endeavors and community service.

Culpeper Minute Men DAR will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2023. Culpeper Minute Men SAR was established in 1974.

Both the DAR and SAR are 501©3 charitable organizations and are nonpolitical. Anyone who has an ancestor who helped contribute to securing the independence of the United States of America is encouraged to join them.

Charles Jameson

President, CMMSAR

Carol Simpson

Regent, CMMDAR

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Michael McLamara

I suppose there are a few Americans who are hung up om what they see as the historical America and don’t understand change and progress. Things like the reuse of ‘Minutemen/man’ only show that we are moving forward and sometimes using past names or processes for our changing future. Plus, I wouldn’t get too rigid about the original revolution , If you think it was glorious, you might want to read the NY Times 1619 article.

Ronald Winter

Is this how you say “Thank you” to a volunteer organization that cleaned 2 miles of Culpeper County roads and made over 100 deliveries of food and supplies to first responders, to the elderly and infirm, to those in our community that simply have no ability to get out to get supplies, to those that have answered the call for help from local charities who have resources that can’t get them to the people that need them? You thank them with an underhanded compliment followed by a scolding for invoking the name and memory of patriots that served this community in much the same way we are doing now?


While I applaud these good works, it really is a disgrace that these far-right partisan groups are hijacking the good name of the genuine, already-existing Culpeper Minutemen groups of the SAR and DAR, whose purpose is to preserve and commemorate Culpeper's proud history, for their own sheerly political purposes. The Tea Party did they same thing, and in so doing, dishonored our Revolutionary Gadsden flag, the first flag of the US Navy, for their own partisan political purposes. If you don't want us to think you're just pretending to love your country, wear your masks and show some respect.

Nate Clancy

The ole punch and patch. Sad

David Reuther

Mr. Jameson represents the current generation of men who marched off to defend Virginia from British tyranny. and found in the battle of great Bridge. The name Minuteman should be used with reverence and respect.

Nate Clancy

and it is. We are actually doing things that matter in our community

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