I can’t understand where Jon Russell is coming from.

I think it’s noble for Russell to vote with the rest of the Culpeper Town Council to give all the state money to help small business owners, but to state, “This was caused by state government” is ludicrous (June 16, 2020, article, "Town’s entire $1.6 million federal CARES allocation will go to Culpeper small businesses").

Apparently, he has been oblivious to the pandemic raging across the country, killing 110,000 people.

Regardless of political viewpoints, our governor, like the majority of governors, has been doing his best to protect the citizens of his state.

I am sure that most Culpeper residents, as well as business owners, were willing to stay at home to protect their own lives as well as the lives of others in their community.

It seems to me Russell missed his opportunity to offer constructive guidance at a time when it would have been most helpful.

Perhaps I’m missing something.

Rich Kaiser


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Jon Russell

I am pleased that the democrat party has a group of people assigned to respond to me. Small business owners are adults and have the ability to self regulate. Of course the state government closed them down.

Dan Jenkins

Councilman Russell is correct: The State government caused the business situation. He was correct in pointing out that the Governor’s executive orders had no enforcement and even Dem State Senator Chap Petersen has legally pointed out that he was legislating, which isn’t his authority. Democrats have control of the state house, senate, and governor position so this was a failure in using government correctly.

I am sorry that you wish to over analyze the language he used to describe what happened but the economic devastation came from our State leaders. My business lost over $40,000. You have some megalomaniacal tendencies if you wish to shape a narrative about the virus while ignoring our government and legal system to fixate on a very honest comment from someone willing to speak up for the business community.

David Reuther

Motivated by this Libertarian principles, Mr. Russel starts from a "me" world instead of a focus on the community. Wear a mask to protect others? No way, why should he care about others. Small government? Great idea until you realize that there are common goods that we all share and that government is the only mechanism for guaranteeing access for all. Clean air for all? Not exactly. Clean air is for those who can buy their own.

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