As a communications professional for over 20 years, I wanted to point out that the Culpeper Star-Exponent’s coverage of the Cricket hearing delay [July 24, “Cricket Solar agrees to delay power-plant hearing”] showed a clear bias toward Cricket Solar and BayWa.

I am a landowner of over 200 acres at the base of Cedar Mountain, and a business owner who relies on the agricultural and historical significance of Culpeper County. I have been following the solar issue closely. While not directly impacted by the Cricket project, I know that there are broader implications to the Cricket Solar application and the county’s current solar policy. I speak with residents, farmers and landowners regularly on all sides of the solar issue, and the potential impact on me individually, as well as the entire community, is significant.

In my communications career, I have worked on highly emotionally charged issues, including the death penalty, law enforcement and drug development, and I recognize the need to cover all sides of these issues.

It is a huge disservice to the community to not cover all aspects of the issue. The Star-Exponent should research, investigate and educate the public about this large-scale industrial project, which will have far-reaching consequences for 35 years or more, if approved.

For the benefit of all Culpeper residents, the Star-Exponent should report fairly on the concerns of many citizens and groups who are challenging the questionable benefits of the Cricket project.

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Camilla Strongin Rapidan

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