On Nov. 24, a letter to the editor titled “Spanberger has joined with liberals and should be replaced,” criticized U.S. Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-7) but neglected to look at her record as our Congressional Representative. I would encourage everyone to visit her Congressional website, https://spanberger.house.gov/# and review her many accomplishments.

Rep. Spanberger works nonstop to support her constituents in the 7th Congressional District. Spanberger and her staff have resolved over 600 cases for constituents who had problems with a federal agency. With the help of her office, nearly $600,000 has been returned to constituents who had struggled to obtain funds that were rightfully theirs. She has held public town hall meetings in all ten counties of her district and is beginning a second round of town halls to maintain an open dialogue with district residents. Why not go to the next town hall in Culpeper or another location nearby and hear what she has to say?

Congresswoman Spanberger listens to her constituents and takes appropriate and measured action. She conducted a healthcare roundtable and has toured health facilities and free clinics. She worked in a bipartisan manner to move legislation through the House, including the recently passed bill (H.R. 2115) to make prescription-drug price negotiations more transparent and address the affordability crisis of prescription drugs.

She also worked on another bipartisan bill to speed up the process of getting generics of patented prescription drugs to market faster. She sponsored legislation protect the development of 5G capabilities and the integrity of our future elections. Spanberger has met with farmers, educators, and small business owners and has advocated for their needs and interests in Congress.

Spanberger is a conscientious and hard-working member of the House of Representatives and does not seek the limelight of national media or make rash or incendiary statements. She takes her responsibilities seriously and stands by her oath to defend and protect the Constitution.

I wish those who serve in the executive branch would do the same.

Peggy Kenney


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