Did you see the video of Virginia Democrat Delegate Kathy Tran promoting her late term abortion bill before a subcommittee?

You are probably thinking, “I’m going to stop reading because I ‘don’t do’ social issues.” You probably don’t do social issues because it wears on your conscience. But you need to know what is coming: if the democrats take control of the House of Delegates and Senate, this late term abortion bill will pass.

What Delegate Tran proposed is abortion-on-demand any time during a pregnancy. This includes aborting a baby during delivery—this was admitted openly on video this past week. This position is also supported by Virginia Democrat Governor Ralph Northam.

However, the Governor went further as recorded on WTOP radio. He said, “‘If a mother is in labor [through the induced labor of an abortion or in the event of a woman who desires an abortion going into labor before the abortion has been performed], I can tell you exactly what would happen,’ he continued. ‘The infant would be delivered. The infant [should it be born alive] would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired [after an abortive attempt or a desired abortion], and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.’” (CBS News) Abortion of a live human baby in the third trimester or the killing of a baby after birth is indefensible, extreme, and delusional.

The Democratic Party, with the support of wealthy abortion lobbyists like Planned Parenthood Action, NARAL, and Emily’s List, are promoting infanticide. This same Democratic Party is running candidates in Culpeper’s 18th Delegate race and 17th District State Senate race. Those candidates should also be made to answer if they would support their party’s position to kill babies in the third trimester.

Recently, Democratic legislators in New York did away with all abortion restrictions up to birth. They did so with the Senate chambers erupting in applause over the bill’s passage. Virginia is poised to follow suit if the House of Delegates and Senate turn to Democratic control this election. Every state senator and state delegate in Virginia is up for election this year; and with both houses of the general assembly only held with a one-seat majority, life itself hangs in the balance.

Something has happened in the politically blue regions of the country. Many of these politicians have deadened their senses to what is right and wrong. The Democratic Party used to be the party of great men like Thomas Jefferson and Grover Cleveland, but it has devolved into a party of political envy, strife, and hedonism. The issue of abortion has become their political sacrament, which must be defended at all costs. The cost of lost human potential is incalculable when we consider all the millions of scientists, mathematicians, entrepreneurs—and others—who were never allowed to develop into bigger humans.

Fortunately, science is on the side of the preborn human baby. As technology advances, society cannot ignore that from the earliest stages of development the human embryo is unique and has intrinsic value. They are just smaller humans than newborn humans, but every bit human and deserving of life. I believe in my lifetime I will see the abolishment of abortion, but in the meantime abortion supporters are showing the public who they are and what they really believe about life. They are finally being honest. Now let’s have a real debate.

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Jon Russell is a two-term town councilman in Culpeper and chairman of the Culpeper County Republican Committee.