As we celebrate this gracious season in a nation full of turmoil and hate we need to look toward something better.

This Christmas let’s look to a future of hope, and reconciliation with peace and goodwill. History suggests that our two leading political parties are not going to let that happen—their very existence depends on hate and turmoil. Many on either side fan the flames that excite their base, yet they are two sides of the same coin.

A republic is not designed to be a spectator sport, as it has steadily become. We are meant to be participants, not just cheering with fanatical loyalty our particular team. Become a participant in a different manner.

We live in a society that is all about choices. Whether it be our cars, ice cream, coffee or whatever, we are all about choices. Yet, when we make life-changing decisions at the ballot box we seem satisfied with only two. It is counter to who we are, and the result demonstrates that.

Let’s have our gift to our fellow Americans, our families and our neighbors be peace and goodwill toward each other in politics—by participating and offering more choices.

Instead of yelling at the TV, the computer and your neighbor, make that difference you seek. Nearly every one of us can be a citizen legislator. Take the step, pick an office and run for it. Then, let the Alliance Party help you do it. We are seeking to empower people to run for office across the country, to change our political dynamics.

We seek those who are dedicated to fixing a broken system, who desire change enough to help make change happen. We are looking to send a different type of public servant to office: We want to send one who believes in term limits enough to limit themselves, or believes in campaign transparency to be transparent themselves. Our candidates sign an agreement about who they will take money from, how they will spend it, and pledge to both run and serve with honor and dignity.

I recognize that these qualities are not limited to people in a particular party and I know some wonderful public servants in both. However, the system they find themselves in may not entirely be a good fit. They, too, only have these two choices. I invite, encourage even, those already elected and those seeking to join with us as well. Together let us not seek the Republican or the Democratic answer, but the correct answer.

So if you have had the slightest leaning toward a run for office let us help you. You will find when you aren’t running against a person, or against a party, but rather for your neighbors and for America it is not an intimidating venture. Public service should be known as an honorable calling, not the view that most have of it now.

To learn more check us out at where you will learn more about us and find three ways to engage in America’s future. Sign up to Run for Office yourself, Support those who will or become an Ally with all Americans by taking the pledge to Unite with my fellow Americans to create a fairer and better country by building strong communities.

Engage in the political process to elect transparent, accountable, pragmatic and reform-minded public servants. Inform yourself responsibly about local and national issues through truthful, unbiased sources. Be civil in political discourse and respect the opinions of others.

This Christmas, let’s give the gift of peace and goodwill to all.

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Timothy P. Cotton is the

National Political Director of The Alliance Party. He resides with his family in Culpeper.

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