Football rivalries between military services are one thing—but cyber attacks? According to the Military Times, the Air Force has opened an investigation “against the Navy for cyber intrusion into its network.” A Navy prosecutor in a high-profile war crimes case took it upon himself to embed a hidden tracking device into emails sent to defense attorneys, including an Air Force lawyer. The malware was sent in an attempt to discover who was leaking sensitive information to the media. Upon finding the malicious software, the Air Force lawyer reported the intrusion. A security manager quickly discovered the tracking device allowed its sender full access to the hacked computer and every file it contained. The malware also inserted itself into other private and commercial networks as well as the Navy-Marine Corps intranet and the Air Force’s email network. Defense attorneys have accused prosecutors of misconduct. The lead defense attorney told the Military Times, “What this constitutes is a warrantless surveillance of private citizens, including the media, by the military. We should all be terrified.” As the story notes, the Navy’s use of tracking software to spy on defense attorneys and the media harms “both the freedom of the press and defendants’ ability to receive a fair trail.” The Navy is supposed to be supporting and defending the Constitution, not undermining it.