We hear about “strange bedfellows” and “Halloween coalitions” as descriptive terms that showcase two parties on completely opposite sides of a political or ideological spectrum who come together and find agreement over a particular issue or a cause.

Well, such a coalition just reared its ugly head in the Fredericksburg region when the Republican-leaning majority on the Spotsylvania Board of Supervisors voted to approve sPower’s industrial-size mega solar power plant, featuring close to two million panels, the largest such solar “farm” on the east coast.

Socialist Democrat Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., must have hit her head on the dome of the U.S. Capitol as she leapt for joy when word got to Washington that Spotsylvania supervisors laid the cornerstone of her massively intrusive Green New Deal, and placed its costs squarely on the backs of Spotsylvania taxpayers.

While AOC leaps, Governor Ralph Northam is on the march to turn Virginia’s beautiful countryside and farmland into the solar capital of the country. Forests, rolling countryside and farmlands be damned, the Green New Deal has had its roll-out in Spotsylvania.

On a national scale, the Green New Deal would cost $93 trillion, imposing “green” energy on businesses, homes and families working to make ends meet.

But solar, which is subsidized by us taxpayers, has proven to be ineffective as an efficient and reliable source of energy around the globe.

Germany went all in for solar, wind and their version of the Green New Deal (the “Energiewende”). Result: energy costs to consumers skyrocketed, creating energy poverty, and now Germany is scaling back and returning to... oops...fossil fuels.

The same thing is happening in Australia. Even the liberal bastion of San Bernardino, Calif., recently voted to ban future industrial solar projects.

The Green New Deal has already been tried, and it’s a global failure. So why would Republicans and GOP-endorsed Independents go all in and help Gov. Northam establish Virginia as the solar capital of the U.S.?

Good question.

Why would Republican or Independent supervisors, such as Greg Benton, Chris Yakabouski and Tim McLaughlin—all of whom voted for Spotsylvania’s version of the Green New Deal—serve as Northam’s dream team and set up the rest of the state for more solar “farms” that will pillage the land and put taxpayers on the line?

After all, Northam is now sure to argue, if they can ravage the land and drive two million solar panels into the red clay of conservative Spotsylvania County, they can do this anywhere in the state!

Goodbye to the beautiful Virginia landscape. Hello oceans of solar panels.

Our region will not benefit from this massive intrusion. We will see no energy from the sPower solar plant. Tthat’s going to major, west coast tech companies so they can receive more tax write-offs.

We will see no economic benefit. In fact, research provided to the Spotsylvania Board of Supervisors shows the county is likely to lose money.

There is certainly no real long-term economic impact, despite the tenuous promises of “donations” to be made by sPower “over the life of the project.” And because the supervisors relaxed most of the very protective conditions that their own Planning Commission recommended be placed on sPower, taxpayers may be stuck with the decommissioning bill when all is said and done.

These so-called Republicans hit the jackpot for Gov. Northam and Rep. Ocasio-Cortez. They got the ball rolling for the Green New Deal, and put taxpayers on the hook to pay for it. They can call themselves conservatives or Republicans to help them win elections, but their actions on the sPower deal make them more qualified to run in the Democratic presidential primaries.

And why not? Every other politician with a socialist dream to be paid for by taxpayers is doing it. These fellas will fit right in!

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Kevin McCarthy, former producer of the USO Shows and television productions worldwide, is now a retired church music director who lives in Spotsylvania. He is a member of the Spotsylvania Republican Committee.

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