When the Powell Wellness Center rolled out its first-ever Turkey Trot 5K event last Thanksgiving, the hope was that it would gain traction among Culpeper County residents looking for a healthy activity to engage in before partaking of their holiday feast.

If the turnout for the second Turkey Trot is any indication, then it appears the event is well on track to becoming an annual staple of holiday 5Ks in the area.

In total, 549 people registered for last Thursday’s event, with 413 of them crossing the finish line. That number is up from the 331 participants who finished 2018’s event.

“[The turnout] was absolutely tremendous,” Powell Wellness Center sales and service manager Sarah Pannill said. “We are absolutely thrilled that so many people came out. It’s a great time for our community to come together to participate and promote active movement before gathering with their families on Thanksgiving.”

Pannill, the event’s planner, added another layer to this year’s event. In addition to the 5K, there was a 100-meter “Fun Run” for kids under the age of 12, which saw 49 finishers.

Pannill said the addition of the kids race is part of the ongoing growth of the event as a whole.

“We look forward to continued growth each year as we engage our community in promoting the benefits of an active lifestyle,” she said.

Entry fees, which ranged from $20 per person prior to Nov. 1 up to $35 on the day of the event, are all used to support the center’s scholarship program.

“This event uses all proceeds to fund our scholarship program,” Pannill said. “The program is designed to help low-income children and adults in our community who want to improve their health through exercise.”

Awards were presented to the top three male and female finishers in the following age groups: ages 19 under, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, and 70-plus.

The top finishers in each age group were as follows:

Males under 19: Tyler Houston (18:24), Matthew Anderson (19:01), Brent Bowler (19:10).

Females under 19: Kirstyn Gilyard (22:58), Abigail Shrader (24:16), Caroline Brand (24:43).

Males 20-29: Sam Stephenson (16:57), Jackson Carter (20:10), Carter Saunders (21:04).

Females 20-29: Christa Saunders (21:20), Lauren Seal (22:15), Olivia Decatur (24:12).

Males 30-39: James Erickson (16:49), Travis Hunnicutt (17:52), Zach Foxley (19:12).

Females 30-39: Stephanie Payne (23:01), Karri Iten (24:15), Christina Van Hoven (25:02).

Males 40-49: Jonathan Brand (20:18), Brian Shrader (22:12), Joseph Gilyard (23:55).

Females 40-49: Krista Willis (26:58), Amy Columbus (27:10), Heather Heard (28:12).

Males 50-59: Derek Foxley (19:39), Andy Stedman (22:47), John Kerr (23:00).

Females 50-59: Kathleen Aucoin (20:47), Leigh Ann Richardson (26:41), Becca Pizmoht (26:54).

Males 60-69: Anthony Markley (25:41), Jim Restel (27:04), Lawrence Giesting (33:42).

Females 60-69: Patty Johnson (30:56), Gail DeBlass (32:03), Jane Dalton (34:14).

Males 70 and over: Jim Vance (28:58), Monty Saunders (33:11), Michael Malone (42:30).

Females 70 and over: Lynn Garver (59:41), Norma Fountain (1:00:19), Eva Mack (1:04:29).

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